A Vintage, Old, Used Window

It’s no secret that I have a special place in my heart for the everyday items of yesteryear.

For all things vintage




and just really plain old.

Items that are no longer needed for their primary purpose and can be re-imagined into something new.  My two-paned window is the perfect example.  It came into my life about 2 years ago.  I discovered the window at one of those chain thrift stores for $6.99.  (Back when prices at thrift stores were actually thrifty.)     It was apparent that it was quite old from the style of the wood frame.  And it had been painted and repainted repeatedly, as evident by the peeling layers of paint.

Now this window wasn’t just your run of the mill vintage variety.  It was unique.  Some creative soul in the year of 1982 had the brilliant idea of preserving wildflowers behind the panes.  (And I can just imagine the excitement as the person thought, “Now this is going to look classy hanging next to my collection of goose figurines!”)  The owner definitely was serious about the wildflowers though, because the job was professionally done.  In addition to the framing store tag on the back, that window had been matted, stapled, glued (and whatever secret thing framing stores do to make your matted item crazily expensive.)

The wildflowers may have looked country fresh back in the day, but by the time the window had crossed my path, the flowers had denigrated into a brown, crispy, potential fire hazard.  And it definitely took some time and quite the effort to free the brittle mess from it’s vintage window prison, as the framing company had been quite good at their job.

pink ornament

After the window was all cleaned up, I displayed it behind my DIY Pink Ornament Wreath

DIY old map window

And most recently, I decided to back the window with an old map I found at an antiques mall.   The map was so delicate that it just kept ripping apart in my hands as I was trying to attach it to the window frame.

I’m not sure of the age of the map but it stopped documenting events in 1962.

old clothes

Okay, so please read this next bit of info with an open (and frugal) mind.

The next part of my vintage window project followed the reuse and recycle mantra.  I bought a new brand of “unmentionables” for my daughter and when we later opened the package at home, we determined that the “delicates” weren’t going to be practical if she planned on actually moving while wearing them.  But instead of getting rid of the ill-fitting garments, my crafty mind noticed the fun colors and thought, “Do I dare recycle underwear into my next project?”  And of course, I did.

recycled clothes

I decided to make a little pennant garland to hang in front of the map window.  I made a pattern triangle out of a foam egg carton and traced it on the folded edge of the fabric.  I then used pinking shears to cut out each triangle.

I folded the triangles over a length of baker’s twine and secured each one with a piece of tape.

vintage window

So here is the next phase in the life cycle of an old window.  A little vintage, mappy, garland fun!

And what about you?  Do you enjoy repurposing 80’s decor?  Or have you recycled something that just may be unmentionable?

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